Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A unique way to remove Outlook duplicates

MS Outlook is one of the most preferable email clients amid home users and professionals because of its speed, data storage capacity, and user-friendly interface. But presence of duplicate emails may cause various problems for Outlook users. Mentioned below are the problems that an Outlook user may need to tackle:

  • PST size starts increasing depending on the extent of duplicate items.
  • As the PST reaches maximum size limit, chances of its corruption become more.
  • Outlook’s speed is also affected due to presence of duplicate items, as the duplicate items are just an add-on to the PST size.
  • Searching a specific email among available emails in mailbox becomes time-consuming because of Outlook’s sluggishness.

Aforementioned are some of the top most issues that can only be resolved using Outlook duplicate remover tool. This tool finds the available duplicate items from your mailbox and allows you to delete them, move them to another folder, and perform other pre-defined operations on located duplicate items. However, you can also remove Outlook duplicates manually i.e. spending your precious time in finding and deleting duplicate email items

Do you think that it is practically good to spend precious time in finding and deleting duplicate items when this work can be done automatically? Do you have that much of time to remove Outlook duplicates? Are you sure that you will be able to find and remove all duplicate items? Just deleting duplicate items is not enough to reduce PST size; for this you have to compact PST. Do you know how to compact PST manually? If your answer is yes for these questions then continue to remove Outlook duplicates manually but if your answer is no then you should use Outlook duplicate remover tool

While using Outlook duplicates you just need to select a property based on which the software will find the duplicate items. Additionally, you have to specify an action that will be performed on duplicate items i.e. you want to delete those items, want to move them to another folder, etc. Properties based on which the Outlook duplicate remover will find the duplicate items are – text, subject, sender’s email, sender name, receiver’s name, date, time, etc. You can select any of these properties to locate and delete duplicate items.

Kernel Outlook duplicate remover not only removes duplicate items but also compress PST so that its size gets reduced. After the PST is compressed, speed of Outlook will be improved automatically and its chance of damage will be reduced a lot. Duplicate items from Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, 98, and 97 can be removed using Outlook duplicate remover. For more information about the software visit here :